modular painting

Abstract pantings that allow the art lover to create variable compositions tailored to individual taste and modern design

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It starts with a single painting

Each image is an autonomous work of art, requiring an individual approach, both during creation and reception. Working on it is a step-by-step process through which the image evolves. At each stage, scars from previous activities are visible. The painting returns to its beginning many times to gain new momentum and proper energy. I study the relationship between the tones of color spots, textures, lines and other elements of form, assuming the non-directional nature of each work, allowing you to view the image in any arrangement. The idea of modular painting, which assumes that individual, independent paintings can be combined into any arrangement, adds value and gives a very modern expression to the final compositions.

Modulart – art co-created by you

The Modulart app is an online tool through which you can virtually create their own “patchwork” compositions using photographic thumbnails of the artist’s paintings. The application contains several hundred cataloged, available on-line pictures, which can be selected and put into larger compositions according to your needs.

Thumbnails are the virtual equivalent of really painted images in the format 36 × 36 cm. modules that can be freely rotated and combined with each other thanks to a convenient, innovative magnetic connection system.

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The art of changes, surprises, indefinite and exciting results that reflect the complexity and constant transformation of the reality that surrounds us

The modular abstract paintings by Janusz Boruta, combined into “patchwork” compositions, are a reflection of our modern life, full of entanglements, fears coexisting with moments of joy in an ambiguous and complicated world.

Using a form of painting, full of expression, with imperfections, far from striving for the ideal, even with an anti-aesthetic character, the author ventures into new, surprising painting areas.

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